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I am Vera, a mother of two who always loved making gifts. Even as a child I spent hours crafting: from silk paintings to edible gifts to goldsmithing. Of course during my childhood the greatest joy was receiving a gift, but growing up this pleasure faded. At the same time, another delight grew- the joy of giving a gift!

I love, for example, to think of gifts for my parents - they gave me such a wonderful childhood and are there for me whenever I need them. So from time to time I want to say thank you: by spending time with them, but also by little tokens or gifts of my appreciation. I want to smile and give them the feeling I once had myself around the Christmas tree. 

Of course it takes a lot of time to think of and prepare a suprise, but when I see my beloved ones smiling I know that it is worth all the effort! Nonetheless there are times when I just don't have the patience to think of gifts. And as I know that others sometimes feel the same, I decided to share my ideas and gifts on this website. 

So here is what I love - and love to give:

Personalized gifts. To cherish friends and family 
Balinese Interiors.
 Wonderful gifts mainly made of wood
 My everlasting love
 For a feel good night
kids gifts.
 To spoil the little ones

So enjoy browsing and shopping on my website! And don't forget: sometimes you have to spoil yourself!!!