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Big Buddha Big Buddha
The first time I fell in love with a buddha was on our trip to Cambodia. Having known only the mass production buddhas I discovered the wonderful unique faces of handmade buddhas. And I realized that there are only a few that really...
1,000.00 HK$ *
Serene buddha Serene buddha
Height: 20cm Width: 13.8cm
450.00 HK$ *
Wise buddha Wise buddha
This buddha made of thin iron is from Bali. For me THE island with the most talented handicraftsmen in Asia! And as you can see - they do not hesitate to spend hours to get the perfect antique finish! Height: 24cm Width: 6.5cm
950.00 HK$ *
Root candle Root candle
Diameter: 27-29cm Height: 12.5cm
550.00 HK$ *
Woody candle Woody candle
Diameter: 15cm Height: 15cm
280.00 HK$ *
Teeny candle Teeny candle
Width: 9cm Height:6.5cm
95.00 HK$ *
Circle bowl Circle bowl
Diameter: 30cm Height: 15cm
750.00 HK$ *
Nature bowl Nature bowl
Diameter: around 42cm Height: around 12cm
600.00 HK$ *
Root bowl Root bowl
Diameter: around 27cm Height: 12cm
500.00 HK$ *
No One Bowl No One Bowl
Diameter: about 39cm Height: around 4cm
750.00 HK$ *
No Two Bowl No Two Bowl
Diameter: about 39cm Height: 4cm
750.00 HK$ *
Tiny Bowl One Tiny Bowl One
Diameter: 20cm Height: 6cm
180.00 HK$ *
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