Meet Vera

Hi, I am glad that you are visiting my website! If you want to know more about me, here you go:

My name is: Vera 
I am: 
40...and for the first time I believe my daughter is right when she tells me I am old
I live in: 
Hong Kong
My beloved ones are: 
my kids Lara & Niklas and my husband Klaus
I used to be: 
young ;) / press spokesperson / specialist for internal communication / business student / brave girls high school student / happy child 
I started:
my own little business selling balinese interiors after Lara was born
Why Papaya & Bamboo:
 because it reflects what Asia means to me: Papaya - the sunshine and sweetness of ripe harvested fruits. (Until I moved to Hong Kong I only knew the untasty papayas sold in Germany) And bamboo - everlasting green and a calming sound you will never forget
When I'm old, I: 
would like to be proud of myself 
I am grateful for:
 my family 
What makes me happy:
 a big hug / when my son tells me at nighttime that I'm the best mom in the world / when my daughter steps onto the table to show me how much she loves me / delicious food / sunny weather & a pool 
I love:
 gifts :) / swimming / playing tennis / browsing cookbooks & cooking / going on vacation and sourcing local handicrafts 
My favourite food is: 
believe it or not it's salad - even as a child, my brother and I quarreled over the salad bowl. But I must admit I also love warm chocolate cake
My home must haves:
 Cambodian Buddha statues / family photos / a colorful painting / something from Bali / my family 
I am missing:
 my friends and family back home
My favorite quotes are:
 What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? (Erin Hanson) & Life is a story - go make yours a bestseller (Steve Matrabeli)